Predicting Drugs having Opposite effects on Disease genes

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This web page presents implementation of our PDOD approach. PDOD (Prediction of Drugs having Opposite effects on Diseases) can discover drugs likely to restore altered states of disease genes. You can submit a gene list with their Entrez gene IDs and altered states in diseases. Scoring function of PDOD gives a high score to a drug satisfying two conditions: (i) target proteins of the drug are close to disease genes; (ii) the drug activates down-regulated disease genes and inhibits up-regulated genes through drug-target interactions (DTIs) and molecular pathway. DTIs in our PDOD were obtained from DrugBank and backbone network was constructed from relations of KEGG human pathways including activation, inhibition, expression, and repression. Then, you will get top 10 high scored drugs likely to have reverse effects on your genes if more than one gene existed in our backbone network. You can easily access on our web page via mobile, too. This page is a beta version and more features will be added.

You should insert your input format like this.

You should insert your gene list with Entrez ID and their altered states. Each row except for the last row is Entrez id and its activation (-1) or inhibition state (+1). The last input value is degradation rate in our scoring function. Degradation rate can be natural numbers range from one to ten based on the category of the disease of interest. The number of your input gene should be smaller than 20 in this version. If none of the gene sets existed in our backbone network, our method cannot predict drugs and will show an error message. After submit, you will get top 10 high scored drugs with their name and DrugBank IDs.

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